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SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves the visibility of your website in the search engines. Your website starts ranking for good keywords relevant to your niche resulting in a good amount of search engine traffic to your website.

When you entrust your SEO campaign to E V O L V E, we will start with a watchful evaluation of your niche, examine the competition and only then propose a step-by-step unique development plan for your website.

Code of Practice
Based on your niche preference, we will explore the marketplace of the foremost search engines and define the optimal keywords to compete for, or revise the keywords you are already using and improve this list if required. Once you apply with us for SEO consultation, you will get a report along with our expert recommendations.

Next is the on-page optimization, where we will provide you with keywords to optimize the landing pages. This will also include refreshing the factors like meta tags, image optimisation, contextual linking structure, content modifications, etc. The SEO report you get will include tips on how to make these factors work for you which will make it easy for you to manage the on-page SEO optimization yourself.

Finally, to build authority for your site, we will embark on a well organized link building process which will include directory submissions, social bookmarkings, article submissions, search engine submissions, etc. This process will provide relevant links to your websites from various quality references.

While compiling a consultation report, the SEO experts from E V O L V E will estimate the time and money you need to reach your targets, and advise you on how exactly to do that. Retaining the leading positions is sometimes as difficult as getting to the top. When you seem to be done with the optimization of your website, E V O L V E can consult you on how to keep the good work up.


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